Join Kathy Santo in the Totally Free, Totally Game-Changing

5 Day Dog (And Puppy!) Training Challenge

starting Monday, september 20th at 6pm

It's never too late (and your dog is never too old) to fix annoying habits for good!

Live and in person, Kathy will help you solve 5 of the most common (and irritating!) issues, with simple to use techniques even your kids can do.


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Kathy’s course is amazing. Her stuff works!

If you want a well trained dog, and tips on what you as a dog owner can do to make that happen, then this is for you. Do not try to follow advice from free YouTube channels, because you will get more confused every day, and you won’t understand what you are doing (that’s what happened to me).

-Paula P.

  • Do you feel like your dog will never be well behaved?

  • That you’ve already tried (and failed), and that it’s too much work. And it’s too late?

  • Do you have a lot of well-meaning friends, family (and maybe even dog trainers) who’ve given you training suggestions that never worked?

  • Are you tired of being in damage control mode all the time? “Don’t Jump!” “Stop Biting!” “Give Me That Shoe Back!”

  • Do you want solid dog training tips and techniques that are proven to work? No. Matter. What.

  • Have you ever been so frustrated with your dog that you’ve thought “I didn’t sign up for this"!

starting Monday, sep 20th at 6pm

You’ll Be Learning:

Day 1

Teaching The Number 1 Word Your Dog MUST Respond To!

Day 2

“Healing” Your Heeling

Day 3

Changing a “Gimme Gimme” puppy or dog into a “Please, May I?” one

Day 4

Teaching a critical command that you AND your Veterinarian will LOVE.

Day 5

Create A Personalized Step-By-Step Training Plan For Your Unique Goals!


is owner, CEO, and Head Trainer of Kathy Santo Dog Training, Inc. in Waldwick, New Jersey. Kathy is a published author and an accomplished AKC Obedience Competitor as well as a guest on major media outlets and other publications.

Since 1984, Kathy Santo Dog Training has been dedicated to helping individuals and families enjoy better relationships with their dogs, to help develop wonderful dogs that people enjoy having in their presence. Tens of thousands of dogs and their humans have benefited from Kathy’s proven methods in dog training, and her fun-filled approach to both online and in person development.

After decades of training tens of thousands of dogs at my dog school, I know the answers to ALL the major AND minor challenges that you’re facing. Let me help you have the dog that everyone loves to have around.

Can’t wait to meet you *and* your pup!

xx - Kathy

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